Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We are time bound beings and the truth is ever changing, so to know the complete truth, we must be able to look beyond the realm of time. Its easy to get corrupt and corruption only brings more of it.

While this seems to be a bad situation, it is not so because of the existence of freewill. We control what we want and that makes us the master of our destiny. Its important to note that I am talking about the humanity as a whole here. So, it implies that in order to succeed as individuals, we must come together as one! More on this later...

My philosophy

I am a computer engineer. I rely on logic. Non-logical things don't go well with me.

Dharma should be logical. Dharma is particular for every being. It is his/her thinking and understanding of what is right or wrong for himself. The essence of dharma is to draw some boundaries and to preach to followers to stay within. Dharma retains discipline and ethics in the society.

When everyone's dharma would be logical, the world would become a better place.

I think because science is logical, so God(creator of science) also must be logical.

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