Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Switching from pirated Windows to Linux

Main problem with Linux packages

The main disadvantage with Linux packages over windows is the finding and installing of various essential plug-ins. Moreover, the good softwares are being developed for the most popular desktop platform, i.e. Windows. With windows it all comes easy but in Linux packages, although the plug-ins can be updated but there are several drawbacks. Sometimes the repositories are corrupt, you can't find all plug-ins and have trouble in troubleshooting. I tried to completely switch to Linux but there is always some problem.. Like i was able to find .mp3 and .wav plug-ins and get Internet working, but then videos won't play. With another Linux package, i even have video play enabled but Internet not working!. So for now i have both pirated windows and Vector Linux in my PC. I will try to shift to Linux completely once i find the alternatives to all my essential needs in Windows.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Telepathy and occult arts

After seeking a lot of info. about telepathy and black magic from many forums, sites and people via the Internet, i found many cases which are ignored by the society or are lost in the dark because people don’t tell it to others out of the fear of social shame and disbelief. These things very much exist, and the study of such hidden arts is called occult.
Telepathy is a lost power of subconscious mind, which can be used correctly with practice. It probably was developed in the early stages of evolution of human mind, which is now diminished in humans due to needlessness, but is still found in animals who use it to get the sense of other living things around them. This helps them in survival from predators. The mind senses some kind of thought waves which lets one read the mind of others. There are even other planes of awareness, which when perfected in practice of use, lets one read and affect others minds even from a distance, and without conscious physical effort!

Magical rituals or ‘prayogs’ (in Hindi lang.) use some kind of spiritual or cosmic energies to work as per the magicians will, that can cause good or harm to others. Belief in magic is a big factor in understanding it, and proving it exactly according to scientific methods is hard, thats why magic is not experimentally proven, but practically true. People who possess the knowledge and skill of to use the powers of magic, due to selfishness, don’t tell it to others, or keep it inside a selfish and blind community. The common man in India knows such things by hearings of such cases only, although there is much writing and evidence in support of such things. The point is its not yet made a subject of study, yet. People think of fast returns these days. And they are ready to do anything that gives easy power and success, but don’t want to touch things that don’t seem to benefit. People who have knowledge, due to fear of laugh in public, keep it unadvertised and hidden.

Why telepathy should be banned?

'Telepathy'- Literally translated, it means "suffering at a distance," or, perhaps, "feeling pain at a distance." The name should really indicate "knowing at a distance," in order to be properly descriptive. But as the term has acquired a forced meaning by reason of years of usage, it will probably be continued in popular favor. It is wrong to know others thoughts without their permission or at least accepting responsibility of the task. It is a big power and so the handling should be careful.

Why am i writing this article?

A recent experience made me to look after such things. After experiencing it first hand, i know that telepathy exists, which is para-physical (Extra-sensory perception), but not super-normal. It opened my mind to other unexplained phenomenon and i came to know that the knowledge of this limitless universe and the human mind is very limited to us. I am now reasonably and totally against forced telepathy. There is a lot to know in the unknown, if we keep our minds open.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who am I ?

We are talking about the entity that makes you you. What is the thing that truly decides who you are? Here, we rule out the things that can't be it inclusive of all those which although make a contribution to your will, but don't decide what you are in the true sense.

Lets think rationally. Whatever it is it can't be different for different people. God gives equal opportunity to everyone. God is logical as is his manifestation,i.e.this universe.
Is it your thinking, your belief in God, your religious practice, your unique abilities or your knowledge which makes you you? Thinking affects your actions, but it is incomplete without manifestation. Your perceptions also change with time and most importantly your thinking is affected by the society you live in. So your thinking is not you. Your belief in a personal God also doesn't changes who you are,
because the truth remains the same whether you accept it or not. Your religious practice also builds your values and moral system. But, because the basic teaching of all religions are the same and it isn't very specific to a person, so that is not what you are.

Then, lets talk about one's unique abilities and knowledge. Unique abilities or
possessions change your deserving position in humanity and affect your thinking but even they don't decide who you are.

It is your choices and action which make you you. That is the only power we humans have and that is what distinguishes us from other people and God. The world is the same for all of us, but its just my choice which makes me myself and affects all the world. That is why it is said that we should decide a person only by knowing his actions.

Values and spiritualism in education

We have moved towards a society where people have more belief in becoming more knowledgeable and more successful, more powerful but we have forgot the concept of God, and have suppressed the quest for our origin and existence.

Most of the ancient civilizations had formed some or other concept of a higher power governing the world and the knowledge flowed through generations. Our lifestyle and
educational system these days are almost void of any spiritual teaching and values building. We don't have a scientific and free way of teaching in India. Better was
the time in India when the info. available was less but the shishya can ask the Guru about any topic. These days we just put emphasis on getting good grades in exams for
the sake of material success. School and college time is when a person should be given basic moral and values education.

*** If there is compulsory expression of truth, argumentation can resolve all conflicts.
- Nitin Pant

Motivational Pull and Moral Push for goodness

People sometimes are doing good things because there is a motivating factor for something good to be done or something good to be achieved. May it be dharma, valuing good karma, or love for others. This is being motivated. But one who has found real knowledge, becomes great and doesn't need such motivation. He becomes good naturally because there is no other way for him to go. His thoughts/morals/values become his strength and he sees that the only way to go is clearly visible and the circumstances automatically push him towards doing that.

People like GandhiJi never compromised with their values, and always been the same throughout the course of their life.

good and bad workforces in country

good and bad workforces in country
Although there are good and bad people associated with every kinda job, but here is a generic expression of some good and bad leagues of workforces in our country.-

Good are very few like welfare societies and social service associations,some spiritual orgs., media, defense.

Bad are widespread and popular like bollywood, political parties, black magicians, foolish senseless TV soaps.

My philosophy

I am a computer engineer. I rely on logic. Non-logical things don't go well with me.

Dharma should be logical. Dharma is particular for every being. It is his/her thinking and understanding of what is right or wrong for himself. The essence of dharma is to draw some boundaries and to preach to followers to stay within. Dharma retains discipline and ethics in the society.

When everyone's dharma would be logical, the world would become a better place.

I think because science is logical, so God(creator of science) also must be logical.

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