Thursday, October 30, 2008


Read the following-

"" NEW YORK, Sept 4 (Reuters) - The old saying holds true: The rich do get richer.

Even as world financial markets broke down last year, personal wealth around the world grew 5 percent to $109.5 trillion, according to a global wealth report released on Thursday by Boston Consulting Group.

It was the sixth consecutive year of expanding wealth. The fastest growth was among households in developing regions, such as China and the Gulf States and among families who were already rich.

That wealth also is increasingly concentrated among the richest.

The top 1 percent of all households owned 35 percent of the world's wealth last year. Meanwhile, the top 0.001 percent, ultra-rich households holding at least $5 million in assets, commanded $21 trillion -- a fifth of the world's wealth. ""

Lets do our best to fill this growing gap between poor and rich. Here are some ways to donate to poor and really really needy people :-

1. Go on websites like,, or and donate online
2. Go to World Vision India and sponsor a poor child in as less as Rs 600/- per month.
3. Revert back to Social service organizations who contact you and donate cash.
3. Do not indulge in luxury, that itself is indirect help to the poor.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Evil practice in the name of gods

evil practice in the name of gods

Hindu rituals which have no scientific proof for their results are still practiced at different places of India. I got to see one such ritual at my own parental village in Uttranchal. It is called a 'jagar'... Jagars are done in the name of pleasing the demigods. People there think that each community or caste has their own demigod(s) that takes care of that particular sub-society! So each caste's people have their own temples and their own demigods.

The rituals are still practiced but as people go more aware day by day, many of them know that it usually has no such effects. Women are still the victim of ignorance and the men have now become victim of their own foolishness by conducting such rituals. They are reluctant to accept their past mistakes. Men there smoke 'ganja'- or the local form of drugs in communities and dance when they're out, all in the name of God. Few men in the village who are otherwise purposeless and job-less argue in its favor, and tell people to believe this for the fear of God.

It was a pity to see some people to fake this stuff and others just being ignorant of the truth. I told people around me that i don't believe it and just walked out of there... its hard to fight some established practice like that without having power of legitimacy. Even authorities prefer not to interfere in peoples works and beliefs.

The youngsters and children of village seem to just accept it as is, and do not want to fight against it. I felt sorry and powerless. Later i thought about the importance of moral education in life, and educating youngsters about this, so that the next generation doesn't do it anymore.

Friday, September 26, 2008

एकता में बल है- Unity is power

Unity is power because unity brings order and order is power.

For animals the nature sets the order and individuals do not have power to change it. But humans do have power to change the order, and that can be done only with collective intelligence.

Humans are powerless otherwise.... we need to understand this and make sure that knowledge leads us in the right direction. We belong to the species of homo-sapien, whose best power lies in his being wise.. and not in powers of other type like body strength, disguise, biological evolution, mighty in nos. etc..

It is said that humanity needs courage more than anything else in this 'kalyuga' (the age of evil -vedas). Courage to accept our mistakes, courage to accept that we all are dependent on each other and if we don't care for each other, bad things are bound to happen in future. Courage is to take the responsibility of humanity as a whole...

Its surprising that humans do not learn from the history neither the masses are ready to accept what great people have said. But now, lets learn and unite..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Occult means shit of humanity

Occult means Shit of Humanity

I know about people who have special skills like telepathy, other paranormal powers like the ability to affect others from a distance with magical rituals... even contacting to people on other side of the earth as per will, and despite having so many powers and privilege over others they have used those things for harming others, making them afraid and thence keeping ahead of all.

It clearly shows how foolish the humanity is. Some people have kept such knowledge from each other for their own selfishness and are now their kids or followers are using it for cheap selfish fun and power-play.

Monday, September 01, 2008

I Felt Ubuntu

After using SUSE 10.1 for a year on my old desktop, i had to install pirated XP on the new PC just for the sake of troubleshooting my internet connection which suddenly stopped working ..

After reinstalling the drivers for LAN and buying a new LAN card, i came to know that its not the problem with the hardware.. but its with the ISP. So i went for Linux again and installed Ubuntu this time!

I am loving the Hardy Heron(Ubuntu 8.04) on my desktop. Just installed it over my XP and it installed right away from the windows installation program...!

I didn't want to play with the existing installation of windows so i chose to install heron in the D drives largest contiguous space and it worked right Didn't took long to install it... and the desktop is cool. It includes many features over the older versions like the Deskbar(similar to Google desktop search), the Fspot photo manager and Firefox 3..and the new System Monitor which is even better than many of the monitoring utilities on XP!

I heard its wireless and power-saving capabilities are good and I recommend it to all users who are seeking an easy to use OS with basic needs on desktops...It runs pretty fast on my dual core 1.6 with just 512 MB RAM. Also has cool eye candy effects like the various animations. I have installed a vista-like theme on it and it looks so lovable..

To my surprise it has a Vista-like 3-D window switcher too(win key+tab)...! and a workspace-switcher cube as well. What more graphic effects can you expect in a free OS?

Ubuntu looks so cool that even XP users are installing Ubuntu themes!!
Look for yourself -

I am sticking to Linux..

Monday, August 25, 2008

Moral education versus Material education

Moral education versus Material education

Moral education is like primary education which has to be uniform and primary for all of us whereas the material education is like higher education which has to be specific for all of us.

If some people are devoid of moral education then its bad of all of us which is not the case with material education. We are dependent on each other and so we must ensure that everyone does his work right.

Moral education can be formal and informal both...but first formal moral education and equal opportunity to gain it is very important. Moral education has to be logical and filled with a lot of sense and rationality so that everyone can understand it. Morals don't mean we give religion-based guidelines of commandments to students but let them inquire and understand it along with logical arguments.

We lose the sense of how much power is in the universe we live in and the responsibility that we need to manage it properly...but we get back to pleasure and selfishness. But because nature is self-balancing so we get ignorance in return of ignorance and bad in return of bad... As we are very much dependent on each other day by day so we should be more responsible day by day..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

God is the ruler

GOD rules this world??

God binds this world together. He is the creator. He is the cause. He is order. He is almighty. But i don't have any clue if he governs this world at all!
Logically i can say that God won't interfere in humanity because the world is based on freewill. God gave us life and he gave us everything then he let us choose freely. Now, he wouldn't like to give us orders and make us robots. Sure, he can give us guidance.. but that too is already been there in Religions, Philosophical texts and through the great minds... Its just some of us who don't follow that.

We choose wrong because of our ego and ignorance and let others suffer. The suffering may come back onto one or not, that is a matter of chance, but anyway we remain very dependent on each other. Although he made us as individuals, but there is no individual justice in this life.

Advantage to evil

The advantage that evil has is that there is no restraint in evil, which is a classic separation between evil and good.

Its easy to damage and hard to create or mend. That gives evil a natural advantage over the good. Lie has many forms and human stupidity has no limits which is another advantage to evil. Truth has only one form and it is as easy as ever to ignore it. It is so hard to fight evil because the norms man creates for society are very bad because it is so hard to force a person to do the right thing because one has individual choice and its easy to do evil and hard for others to argue in opposition. It is so because people do not have faith in God(cause) and think about just the benefit to their lives(effect) .. It is not because man needs a lot of wisdom to choose the right but its because of our ego and how morals and values are set into our minds.

After the majority becomes ignorant and evil, it all comes down to who wins at last..

Logic says that good is already won. It never lost and there is not going to be a judgment day(which will be like a poor judgment in itself) when it wins!
But rather good is already won. Its only we who have to discover that. Its up to us till when we let the evil win and let us lose.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Appreciating Good - Reality of love

Everyone likes love. People love themselves and do things which they think will give them more love, pleasure and happiness. Sometimes they do things that are bad(and they know it) because that will do instant good for them. People do all things only because of love.
What most fail to understand is that common good is good for all. It is human ignorance and foolishness that has set such standards. However, even evil people appreciate good deeds. A Good thing is appreciated by anyone who understands it.

To a man who is able to appreciate good, it is just selfishness that keeps him from supporting common good.

Common Perceptions

Common Perceptions

There is a common view and perception about every definable and tagged thing in the society. For example there is a general perception about fresh graduates in the industry that their knowledge about industry methods is poor or very limited. Take another example, call center people have very good English skills. Another is like privileged and high-class family guys don't care about the poor people.And many more unconsciously kept...

Formation of general perception is caused by observing general/majority of people by the majority of people. But as the majority of mankind is foolish and ignorant, the general perception causes bad for the above average and intelligent people, who are scarcely found but can be in any part of the society.

It is said that geniuses always confront opposition in their deeds by mediocre minds, and above mentioned reason is too a big factor in that.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Future of !~! (_) /\/\ /-\ !\! $

FUTURE of !~! (_) /\/\ /-\ !\! $


• Too much emphasis on entertainment and pleasure.

• Laziness among people because of automation of major repetitive tasks. Local colonizations occur so that some people always work as servants.

• Gigantic unexplained difference between privileges and resources among men becomes a norm.

• People having legal authority totally lack power, whereas people having monetary or mass-influencing powers RULE.

• Collapse of societies happens rather than revolutions at parts of the world.

• Widespread and unfair use of playing with magical and subconscious powers for self-interest and power play.


• Use of 3d/holographic UI's of the future is a common view on the roadsides.

• The increased generic nature of Information in the future. More specialization of tasks.

• More emphasis on personal security.

• Work less, gain more, for everyone.

• Many mysterious and paranormal things are undisclosed like telepathy, power of human will & subconscious thoughts, powers behind magic, the world of spirits & totems.

• We continue to discover the rest 90% of the universe.

• We come to know that we don't need to travel very far places in the universe to know it all. The distance gaps are covered in totally different ways when several quantum level secrets are discovered.

• More people discover and agree on the occult and other hidden powers of the subconscious.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Power (responsibility comes along with)

Order is Power.
Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers.
-Henri frederic Amiel

Universe gives equal power to all. God gives equal opportunity to all. Human discrimination does injustice to some of us. Its a pity that many people have to live with poor nourishment and without shelter. It's not the cause of overpopulation but of the inadequate and unjust distribution of resources. Do thy neighbor as you would expect yourself.

At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.

To keep a check on how much resources a person can use, we should legalize a upper limit on how much money one can keep/spend. Also, there should be government control over private firms too to check the right distribution of earned money from top to bottom. In product based companies, it is known, that ones who work really hard to manufacture the products are paid less but the distributors and advertisers bag all the profits. Same is true for agriculture industry in India.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life Process Re-engineering

LPR- Life Process Re-engineering
Heard of Business process re-engineering? Do you know why we do business process re-engineering or BPR as its more commonly known? For increasing profit. Material profit. Because material profit is one thing no one is opposed to. Everybody wants to be materially rich and there is nothing wrong in it.
One can literally see this profit in figures and numbers.

We do a lot of re-thinking when we apply BPR to our business. We re-think the fundamentals of various processes like sales, customer-retention, supply chain, etc. at the basic level. We do major changes in the philosophy of the company itself.

Now the point to ponder upon is why don't we do the same re-thinking with our life too? There is personal growth and spiritual profit that means more than the material profit. How we been living, what are our perceptions, how much knowledge do we have comparative to the idols, and how happy we really are from the inside?, these are the questions to ask ourselves.
People, companies, nations and all of us together as humanity, seem to have a inclination towards material and iconic success more than on the growth of the 'self' and of the humanity as a whole.

Rather, our motto should be to 'be in sync with the universe'. The universe is just, fair and limitless in capability and power. So should be we. It gives all its powers and miracles to all of us equally. Universe is full of diversity in life and forms, and things that give pleasure to all of us. We should first be right, just and loving just like the universe, then we should think about material gains. Let us re-think. Let us do Life Process Re-engineering.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hate bollywood?, you're not alone..

The pact between media and bollywood

Media publicizes the fair image(the false one) of bollywood artists so that their page-3 articles are never short of stories. Media never compares the wages of ANY service-men with that of a bollywood artist to show how bad is the resource distribution in our country.

It is like a war within society, where the over-privileged people continue to project their fair images to make it a norm and thence to turn off the possibility protest by the underprivileged, which will be like a drop of milk in a glass of water(wont take long to dissolve without any signs left) .

If this page3 projection of society is Indian society, i don't care about my social image!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Horse sensed

Everyone likes easy access to power and success these days. People are going for anything that can give them the same. May it be talking bad words, showing extra-smartness through cheap words and actions, or doing whatever that gives pleasure and better life on the cost of other's life's, we are ready to do it unless it has immediate harmful return.

People are becoming more and more like HORSE-SENSE MAN. It means we perceive the reality only as much as we sense from our senses. People don't want to think over matters.

Laughter is a God-gift for humans to lighten up on our own foolishness. So laugh. HAHAHAH..., but remember things can't be ignored because-

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." - Marshall McLuhan
"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." - John Muir

more on IGNORANCE -

However difficult it may be to see truth in todays state of the world, it is as easy as ever to ignore it. Ones who discover and tell the truth are not respected, but the ones who are successful and powerful are respected. And when you are ignoring the truth after seeing it, that means you care for just the power and it is coming from lies, ignorance or your high-privileges in the society.

I should also raise the Issue of luck and Chance here as its quite related-

There is a big deficiency of morals and ethics in the education system.
When we don't care for the society as a whole we are leaving things for chance. If we see just the good things, then a whole lot will always be good, but what really counts is what percent is good, and how much more is the bad. This means how much people are privileged and how many are left to chance because in a society where ignorance is found, people underprivileged, are always left to chance.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Switching from pirated Windows to Linux

Main problem with Linux packages

The main disadvantage with Linux packages over windows is the finding and installing of various essential plug-ins. Moreover, the good softwares are being developed for the most popular desktop platform, i.e. Windows. With windows it all comes easy but in Linux packages, although the plug-ins can be updated but there are several drawbacks. Sometimes the repositories are corrupt, you can't find all plug-ins and have trouble in troubleshooting. I tried to completely switch to Linux but there is always some problem.. Like i was able to find .mp3 and .wav plug-ins and get Internet working, but then videos won't play. With another Linux package, i even have video play enabled but Internet not working!. So for now i have both pirated windows and Vector Linux in my PC. I will try to shift to Linux completely once i find the alternatives to all my essential needs in Windows.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Telepathy and occult arts

After seeking a lot of info. about telepathy and black magic from many forums, sites and people via the Internet, i found many cases which are ignored by the society or are lost in the dark because people don’t tell it to others out of the fear of social shame and disbelief. These things very much exist, and the study of such hidden arts is called occult.
Telepathy is a lost power of subconscious mind, which can be used correctly with practice. It probably was developed in the early stages of evolution of human mind, which is now diminished in humans due to needlessness, but is still found in animals who use it to get the sense of other living things around them. This helps them in survival from predators. The mind senses some kind of thought waves which lets one read the mind of others. There are even other planes of awareness, which when perfected in practice of use, lets one read and affect others minds even from a distance, and without conscious physical effort!

Magical rituals or ‘prayogs’ (in Hindi lang.) use some kind of spiritual or cosmic energies to work as per the magicians will, that can cause good or harm to others. Belief in magic is a big factor in understanding it, and proving it exactly according to scientific methods is hard, thats why magic is not experimentally proven, but practically true. People who possess the knowledge and skill of to use the powers of magic, due to selfishness, don’t tell it to others, or keep it inside a selfish and blind community. The common man in India knows such things by hearings of such cases only, although there is much writing and evidence in support of such things. The point is its not yet made a subject of study, yet. People think of fast returns these days. And they are ready to do anything that gives easy power and success, but don’t want to touch things that don’t seem to benefit. People who have knowledge, due to fear of laugh in public, keep it unadvertised and hidden.

Why telepathy should be banned?

'Telepathy'- Literally translated, it means "suffering at a distance," or, perhaps, "feeling pain at a distance." The name should really indicate "knowing at a distance," in order to be properly descriptive. But as the term has acquired a forced meaning by reason of years of usage, it will probably be continued in popular favor. It is wrong to know others thoughts without their permission or at least accepting responsibility of the task. It is a big power and so the handling should be careful.

Why am i writing this article?

A recent experience made me to look after such things. After experiencing it first hand, i know that telepathy exists, which is para-physical (Extra-sensory perception), but not super-normal. It opened my mind to other unexplained phenomenon and i came to know that the knowledge of this limitless universe and the human mind is very limited to us. I am now reasonably and totally against forced telepathy. There is a lot to know in the unknown, if we keep our minds open.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who am I ?

We are talking about the entity that makes you you. What is the thing that truly decides who you are? Here, we rule out the things that can't be it inclusive of all those which although make a contribution to your will, but don't decide what you are in the true sense.

Lets think rationally. Whatever it is it can't be different for different people. God gives equal opportunity to everyone. God is logical as is his manifestation,i.e.this universe.
Is it your thinking, your belief in God, your religious practice, your unique abilities or your knowledge which makes you you? Thinking affects your actions, but it is incomplete without manifestation. Your perceptions also change with time and most importantly your thinking is affected by the society you live in. So your thinking is not you. Your belief in a personal God also doesn't changes who you are,
because the truth remains the same whether you accept it or not. Your religious practice also builds your values and moral system. But, because the basic teaching of all religions are the same and it isn't very specific to a person, so that is not what you are.

Then, lets talk about one's unique abilities and knowledge. Unique abilities or
possessions change your deserving position in humanity and affect your thinking but even they don't decide who you are.

It is your choices and action which make you you. That is the only power we humans have and that is what distinguishes us from other people and God. The world is the same for all of us, but its just my choice which makes me myself and affects all the world. That is why it is said that we should decide a person only by knowing his actions.

Values and spiritualism in education

We have moved towards a society where people have more belief in becoming more knowledgeable and more successful, more powerful but we have forgot the concept of God, and have suppressed the quest for our origin and existence.

Most of the ancient civilizations had formed some or other concept of a higher power governing the world and the knowledge flowed through generations. Our lifestyle and
educational system these days are almost void of any spiritual teaching and values building. We don't have a scientific and free way of teaching in India. Better was
the time in India when the info. available was less but the shishya can ask the Guru about any topic. These days we just put emphasis on getting good grades in exams for
the sake of material success. School and college time is when a person should be given basic moral and values education.

*** If there is compulsory expression of truth, argumentation can resolve all conflicts.
- Nitin Pant

Motivational Pull and Moral Push for goodness

People sometimes are doing good things because there is a motivating factor for something good to be done or something good to be achieved. May it be dharma, valuing good karma, or love for others. This is being motivated. But one who has found real knowledge, becomes great and doesn't need such motivation. He becomes good naturally because there is no other way for him to go. His thoughts/morals/values become his strength and he sees that the only way to go is clearly visible and the circumstances automatically push him towards doing that.

People like GandhiJi never compromised with their values, and always been the same throughout the course of their life.

good and bad workforces in country

good and bad workforces in country
Although there are good and bad people associated with every kinda job, but here is a generic expression of some good and bad leagues of workforces in our country.-

Good are very few like welfare societies and social service associations,some spiritual orgs., media, defense.

Bad are widespread and popular like bollywood, political parties, black magicians, foolish senseless TV soaps.

My philosophy

I am a computer engineer. I rely on logic. Non-logical things don't go well with me.

Dharma should be logical. Dharma is particular for every being. It is his/her thinking and understanding of what is right or wrong for himself. The essence of dharma is to draw some boundaries and to preach to followers to stay within. Dharma retains discipline and ethics in the society.

When everyone's dharma would be logical, the world would become a better place.

I think because science is logical, so God(creator of science) also must be logical.

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