Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nuclear Supremacy Tug-of-war, Destructive Tendencies of Countries & other Problems of the World

Problems :
  1. Countries are concerned more about nuclear capabilities and missile ranges than eradicating poverty and bringing happiness to the lives of the common man.
  2. Articles are being published that so and so country is this much capable to bring a holocaust to so and so countries. Such news breeds negativity and rivalry among countries, who ideally should be working together towards betterment and to resolve conflicts. War is not a solution, not now! We all know a third war will bring humanity down to its knees and may cause imbalance in nature to the extent of an irreversible state.
  3. Countries flaunting military supremacy. This will not be needed when all the countries in the world are friendly. There are better things to focus on like renewable energy sources, health services, science and technological advances, humanitarian causes, better law and order than to flourish war-like conditions.
  4. Defense is not there for just defense anymore, power-hungry countries are using armies as a mean of proving their superiority and power over regions/countries through irrational means such as taking the help of terrorist organisations.
  5. Power-hungry and ill-motivated leaders.
  6. No resolve in decade-old grudges and conflicts among countries.
  7. Increasing craziness, demotivation and inability to fix the chaos leads to a loss in the sense of well-being of the common man. We tend to think of this chaos as the new normal.
Bringing order to the world :

  1. People should really start believing in the you win-I win reality. This is much easily said than done. However, what people believe is really the cause of all human decisions. The decision to believe in the win-win policy alone can have an astounding effect on humanity. So making this happen could change the world forever, and for good. 
  2. Countries should focus more on humanitarian causes and policies. This involves making sure that Nobody should face adversities because of a bad system or policy that people have chosen to follow. 
  3. World authorities should work to bring order to the world as a whole by resolving differences and conflicts among people and by making humanity the prime responsibility and a prime law for all.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hassle in even disconnecting an already poor service - MTNL broadband - My story

A lot of MTNL users have stopped using MTNL in the last few years, as their service is becoming poorer by the day. I thought otherwise earlier, because luckily, for me, MTNL connection was working without a glitch for the last 6-7 years.

But recently, I had to experience the overall poor service of MTNL Delhi (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) when I moved to a new house. I'll tell you what made me decide disconnecting a 6-year old MTNL broadband connection.

MTNL's service has been very good at my older place(a different pin code but same exchange). A solid line with good speeds for unlimited connections at a fair price. I was a happy customer once.

Initially, I had some difficulties in getting them to shift the connection to the new home. The MTNL guys who came to install the connection at my new place were not able to make it working at all. As soon as I got past those problems and my Internet started working, I had new problems. Broadband will only work sometimes and with lesser speed than what I was paying for. I kept calling MTNL technical support and customer care again and again but every time I lodged a complaint, the very next day I could see, on their on-line complaint tracking tool, that it has been resolved. Although it would not. I even called the Area manager, but how can the area manager solve the problem when he keeps sending the same guys over and over again to solve the same problem which they were not able to fix firstly.

This continued for a month.

As broadband is a daily need, eventually I got fed up, had to give up my MTNL connection, land-line along-with.

It was not an easy affair to get the connection disconnected either. Firstly there is no option to do this on-line, which should have been the easiest for the customer and the ISP, both. You still need to fill-up a regular paper form and get it signed with various departments of MTNL, just to, should I say, get rid of the MTNL services! They even ask for a ID proof for the disconnection of MTNL services. Why need an ID proof when I am an already verified customer using MTNL services for so long?

For people who are fed up of MTNL's poor service and decide to disconnect -
Please make sure when you mark a reason for disconnection, simply choose shifting/moving to another city, for your own ease. In case you select 'Not satisfied from services' on the form, they will not submit the request for disconnection unless you get it signed from yet another department/section.

So what I understood from my experience with MTNL is that either they have good infrastructure laid out at some places and not at others. Or, specifically for our new area, the guys are not trained properly to troubleshoot/fix problems and the higher officials just do not care.

Later, I got myself installed the local cablewala's Hathway broadband.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bodh - The cognition of knowledge


The ability to differentiate between right and wrong is a human being's biggest ability. It gives man the ability to imagine,search, and reach anything. 

Small bits make bigger parts and parts combined make the whole. Man can  start doing things in small bits and pieces and expect a bigger and worthier end provided he is doing the righteous. Meaning righteous behavior can lead man to the good things in life and progress him to a way to find his purpose and the truth about life.

Right mindset is needed to understand anything. And that is why right  mindset is needed to achieve anything.

Different people think differently and that is why they perceive  differently. Perception affects understanding. Demented understanding of  things already known to the mind may be the basic hurdle for it to  understand something else just as some readers may think this article is crap and  some may find it enlightening.

Mind always tends to think: "what is the immediate gain for me"? and that  corrupts the mind. Believe me, thinker's mind is corrupted right at that very moment. One should set a higher goal for himself than just material success and that is possible with noble thinking.

Some say that there is no light in the world and it is all dark. The truth is imminent but can be seen with open eyes and open mind only, it is not for the blindfolded but for the wise.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We are time bound beings and the truth is ever changing, so to know the complete truth, we must be able to look beyond the realm of time. Its easy to get corrupt and corruption only brings more of it.

While this seems to be a bad situation, it is not so because of the existence of freewill. We control what we want and that makes us the master of our destiny. Its important to note that I am talking about the humanity as a whole here. So, it implies that in order to succeed as individuals, we must come together as one! More on this later...

Monday, May 07, 2012

Serious people, seriously missing

People aren't serious at all. They don't take life seriously. People think of freewill as a joke and make wrong use of it. It is not appreciable at all. They do evil deeds just because they can and when they are free to do so. They do not have any respect for life but they only fear someone who may hurt their ego or harm them. If nobody is there  to forcefully stop them of doing what they foolishly and knowingly do, they would keep doing so.

Age is a state of mind

I have met people who show intelligence beyond their age and i have met people who are dumb as a tree even after seeing so much life. This makes me think whether age is the time past since birth or is it a state of mind? I strongly feel it is the latter. Gaining more experience makes the mind wiser and wiser mind is mightier and should be known as more aged. Another way we can see age as a  state of mind is how we perceive the world around us. Perception, which again is a state of mind, makes us feel the way we feel and live life. And that is how people see us as being old or young.

Why being true is important

1. Sharing is important for men to be able to succeed and serve a greater purpose.
2. We are time bound beings so its important for us to make the most of it. It is proven that humanity towards others brings us to a win win situation.
3.  When we lie, negative feelings are imbibed in our mind and corrupt our perception

My philosophy

I am a computer engineer. I rely on logic. Non-logical things don't go well with me.

Dharma should be logical. Dharma is particular for every being. It is his/her thinking and understanding of what is right or wrong for himself. The essence of dharma is to draw some boundaries and to preach to followers to stay within. Dharma retains discipline and ethics in the society.

When everyone's dharma would be logical, the world would become a better place.

I think because science is logical, so God(creator of science) also must be logical.

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